Although on a small area of ​​about 4 hectares, the vineyards can count on two important quality factors: favorable positions and seniority (between 20 and 80). In addition, in recent years, particular care is given to the work in the vineyard.

Respect for each single vineyard and adequate agronomic management, have become essential values ​​for the production of wines that are able to authentically tell about “our” Roero.


The winery’s largest vineyard complex. Nebbiolo, Arneis and Favorita are cultivated here.
The soil is predominantly made up of white sand rich in limestone. The hill is dominated by a graceful “ciabot” made with bricks, which in the past was used during the harvest as a place for rest.

“Bric Nota”

In this MGA (Geographical Additional Mention) you will find the oldest vineyards of the winery, whose age is between 50 and 90 years.
This plot is almost entirely hand-worked due to the vertiginous slopes, the crumbly nature of the soil and the little distance between a row and the other.
From this vineyard we get the best Nebbiolo grapes for the production of our most valuable red wines:

    • Roero D.O.C.G.
    • “Pandorae Vas” – Nebbiolo in Amphora

Furthermore from here comes the grapes for our particular Barbera d’Alba, obtained from nearly centenary vines and containing a small portion of Nebbiolo grapes, which give it structure and body.

“San Vincenzo”

On this sunny, well-exposed hill you will find one of our best vineyards of Roero Arneis.
Here, too, old vines are difficult to work due to the geological conformation of the soil, but they give rise to the highest quality fruits.