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How to drink natural wines without feeling “cool”

The search for the rotten side in good and beautiful things, has always fascinated me.
So, I decided to look too dark Sides of natural wines in the world What I love so much and I try to Knowing What timidly.
Already: Although difficult to imagine, I Discovered That there are dirty sides even in the ascetic world, rural and mystic of natural wines.
How much I love them, I’ve already said?!
I appreciate relentlessly That taste So Ancient, Those bottles Essential Those stylized labels, excellent graphic taste RESPECT the embarrassing labels heraldic wine nineties.
What I love the aromas populated the boards Simple one and the tin caps instead of cork, needless Fosse A gaseous.
I love the slight hangover and Aware That gives me (What years were expected hangover Aware).
I like who has the produce Awareness Something You Do not split the world is the consciousness of those who love this kind of pour things in your glass.

Yet one of the sides of the rotten world of natural wines is precisely to those who pointed his glass.
Because unfortunately, lately drink oxidized wine is cool and me Things They make me cool repugnant.
I am ashamed of the Atmosphere What It breathes in space where there are ones that deal with activities Making cool.

When I feel that something’s considered niche, I am unhappy.

A radical chic and designation of origin and I feel sadness when I find myself surrounded in Contexts dove, poor fellow, The Natural Wine And it just the fact of being drunk by certain parties: Thin Mustache by friend Dartagnan or Marx’s beard, that if he could see, I’m sure would avoid God to give him another day on Earth, Only one.

A crossbow with loads of ammunition, an arrangement.

What we done to deserve the megastore of Directors of Bio products?!
What we have committed evil to have suffered and the return of Timberland All this feverish Knowledge of French independent cinema and natural wines?

You can not drink more in peace without feeling someone who tell you the hints and moods.
What we are guilty for being forced to stay at the table with a sommelier?

Another dark side of natural wines: the Winegrowers when too nourish their philosophical nature.
Those Winegrowers That if you promise not to Consume Them wine, naked, during the full moon and with a crown of sardines bells in your head, you do not you sell mica!
Those Winemakers they enter into a trance and speak of their wine trough aphorisms and long silences with an eye to Dali, Waiting For That Someone take notes, recording the Their words on stone tablets.

Those men with unshaven and his pants in brown coasts Making wine but believe Fare Nuclear machines, Treaties of Astrophysics, worthy discoveries of Nobel Prize for medicine.
What these gentlemen legislate on how should comb in the vineyard during the pruning to not bother the screws on Which African music far away to hear the tanks WHILE the wine rests on what kind of underwear Put The Day of the harvest.

So, those who drink the nectar of these Lords threatens to assimilate the same arrogance.

Who has the privilege of drinking the dead yeasts Cemetery own choosing That bottle predestined, he closes eyes and see the Angels come to the concert of Uto Ughi.

If you like natural wine does not exist punishment Worst find you in front of one of these suckers what, when sniff in the glass and feel smell of sewage, squinting eyes and shy whispers entranced To bystanders, including you.

Natural wine not Niche, E for everyone, and the People, has to Massimo eighth grade, cares of the fairs, the Federations and guides.

Detests large retail niche, and the wine of St. Francis does not Gigi Hadid, serve one who is thirsty and want to kiss, if you prefer to Raul Casadei Fosse music to Aphex Twin and would like RESPECT of your Gusti Although there are coated. And do not drink natural wine experience to rate the hut sweat with the shaman, and a simple thing.

Come exactly the gesture to get up from the table and decide to sacrifice the bottle that shattered amidst the Fountain of the admirers of natural niche wines What you’re boring you tonight.

Wine, If really natural, will thank you.

Credits: Madamepipi

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