Wines and Vineyards

What is ROERO region really?

To answer this question, we put all our efforts, every day, in a continuous research to transmit, through our wines, the magnificent territory in which we live.

To do that, we adopt a “subtractive” philosophy:  we avoid everything that we do not consider necessary for our wines:

  • No filtration
  • Clarification of natural origin only (bentonite)
  • No additives (tannins, vitamins, amino acids, copper, etc …)
  • Few Sulfites
  • Spontaneous Fermentations
  • Vinification in Terracotta Amphorae
  • SQNPI certification (integrated production)

Ours is an approach that is as natural and respectful as possible not only for the environment, but also for the health of all of us.

Without excess. Without extremes. Because “in medio stat virtus” (Virtue lies in the middle – Aristotele)

PANDORAE VAS – Red Wine in Amphora

PROMETHEUS – White wine in Amphora


Rosè of Nebbiolo “LOTOS FLOS”

Roero Arneis Docg

Langhe Favorita Doc

Langhe Nebbiolo Doc

Barbera d’Alba Doc

Birbet Bajaj


Our Vineyards

Discover where our wines born