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PROMETHEUS – White wine

Denomination: No denomination

Grape variety: The most famous local white variety

Production area:

Vinification and Aging: contact directly for more info

Color: between golden yellow and orange yellow

Bouquet: intense and mineral, attractive, with hints of candied fruit, linden honey and flowers.

Taste: intense, with a slight acidic vein that gives freshness and persistence. Infinite wine in the mouth with marked sensations of fruit and delicate tannins that give this wine balance and cleanliness.

Pairings: the perfect marriage is certainly the one with arborinated cheeses and fat-fleshed fish, such as salmon and tuna. It does not disdain “feather” animals such as duck, pigeon and quail. Also excellent as a meditation wine, to be sipped amiably after dinner.

Serving temperature: 15/18 ° C

Average Life of Wine: A multifaceted wine that is immediately good but which surely hides big surprises after a medium-long refinement.

Average annual production: 1000 bottles

The story behind the wine …: after the great success of the “red” version, Adriano also wanted to experiment with the “white” version, betting on something new for the area: an “orange wine”.

Passionate about the wines of the master Josko Gravner, he decides to propose his version of a new style of white wine. It is intense and multifaceted but “easy” to drink; appreciable by all for its intensity and complexity.

After some unsuccessful experiments, PROMETHEUS was born, the rebellious son who opposed a “father” who would like it to be standard and simple. But he instead shows the “muscles” and aims to bring the flame of curiosity to those who want to discover a new nuance of our territory.

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