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PANDORAE VAS – Red Wine in Amphora

Denomination: No denomination

Grape variety: Nebbiolo 100%

Production area: Monteu Roero – cru Bric Nota

Vinification: destemming of fresh grapes. Fermentation in stainless steel tank. When reaching the peak temperature, de-massage in a steel tank at controlled temperature at 18 ° C overnight. Pumping over and punching down during the tumultuous phase. Spontaneous fermentation with pied de cuve.

Aging: the aging takes place in 750 L terracotta amphora for a period ranging from 8 to 12 months.

Color: pale ruby ​​red

Bouquet: intense like few others. Reminiscences of childhood scents, when the grandmother prepared strawberry jam on the wood stove.

Taste: immediately red fruit on the palate which then lets a nice acidity emerge at the expense of a tannin softened by the aging in terracotta.

Pairings: multifaceted wine that can range from meat appetizers, first courses, second courses to dessert.

Serving temperature: 18 ° C / 21 ° C

Average annual production: 1000 bottles

The story behind the wine …: The charm of the past is an irresistible call for those who love to experiment. Especially if innovative technology comes together with the past.
So in 2015 the “Bajaj” company was among the first wineries in the Langhe-Roero area to experience the effects of aging in amphora on its wines.

Adriano Moretti believed in this refinement method to such an extent that he purchased the first amphora with his own savings, against his father’s will.
The young man, not particularly fond of the refinements in wood, he found in terracotta the ideal container to enhance the aroma and freshness of Nebbiolo of the Roero area.

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