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Rosè of Nebbiolo “LOTOS FLOS”

Grape variety: Nebbiolo 100%

Production area: Monteu Roero

Vinification: destemming of fresh grapes. Maceration of the skins up to the “hat rising” (start of fermentation). Normal fermentation of the must in the tank continues at controlled temperature. Selected yeasts.

Color: cherry pink / ruby ​​red

Bouquet: aromatic bouquet where the hints of raspberry and cherry stand out.

Taste: In the mouth, the fruit comes out immediately, softened by a pleasant acidity that gives it ease of drinking. The slight sapid tannin is interesting and immediately refers to the Nebbiolo grape.

Pairings: Its flavor and tannin make it ideal for accompanying raw oysters and crustaceans. The favorite wine on hot summer days for a cool aperitif.

Serving temperature: 10 ° C

Average life of wine: Wine that expresses its maximum potential within two years of production.

Average annual production: 2500 bottles

The story behind the wine …: this is the first wine strongly desired by Adriano when he joined the company. According to him, a category the rosé, with great qualities still unexpressed and to be valued for the future. Giovanni, his dad, disagreed, still having in mind the typically Italian culture of rosé wine (low-value wine, a mixture of white and red wine).

Initially there were 300 bottles. Now, 2500 bottles are produced.

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