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Barbera d’Alba Doc

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Denomination: D.O.C.

Vine: Barbera 90% , Nebbiolo 10%

Production area: Monteu Roero

Color: Intense red rubin with purple shades

Scent: Among the scents, it emerges the pleasantness of the cherry and the prune

Taste: Balanced structure with a soft tannin and balanced acidity, typical of the Barbera

Pairings: Recommended with medium seasoning cheeses, white and red meats and first courses with rich condiments as ragù agnolotti and traditional tajarin with sausage sauce.

Service Temperature: 18° C / 21° C

Average Wine life: Medium-life wine. Very enjoyable in the first 4/5 years, it could also be appreciated after 10 years of aging.

Average annual production: 2000 bottles

History: Black berry vine of ancient origin. It comes from the lands that were first property of the Marquisate and then of the Monferrato Dukedom.
What pushed the peasants to plant in abundance this quality of grape was the copiusness of the production, the high yield of the must, the adaptability to the type of soil , to the climate and the richness of coloring matter.
In the 800’s they increased the production, because it was resistant to the phyloxera, which destroyed a lot of vineyards. The Barbera vine attests in an exemplary way the original luck of the territory of Langa and Roero: producing great wines for aging and, at the same time, giving emotions in the younger wines.

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