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“AVANTI SAVOIA” – White Vermouth


Fruit of the experiments and intuition of herbalist Antonio Carpano, Vermouth or Vermut was born in 1786 in a small store in Turin, from the fortunate union between wine and an infusion of herbs and roots.

In fact, its name derives from the term Wermut with which, in German, is called Artemisia Maggiore. The latter is a plant having digestive powers with which Antonio Carpano has aromatized white wine, together with other herbs, spices and flowers to which is added alcohol and sugar.

An important intuition of the young Turinese, who, thanks to the blend of herbs and aromas of the territory, made white wine more delicate and appreciable, also meeting the tastes and palates of ladies.

Today, it is classified as a liqueur and flavored wine and, since 2017, Vermouth di Torino is a registered geographical indication

If the first intuition of young Antonio Carpano was to make the strong Piedmontese wine more tasty and appreciable by infusing it with herbs and aromas of the territory, the second one could be defined as a real and proper marketing strategy.

Carpano had a case of Vermouth delivered to the court. King Vittorio Amedeo III, and with him all of Turin’s nobility, were quite impressed. From that moment on, the young Carpano’s Vermouth and his small workshop took off, giving rise to a drink of worldwide success. A success that has come down to our own day, so much so that today a plaque in Piazza Castello commemorates that day.



Ours is a white Vermouth, where the most famous white wine of our area is infused with a mixture of herbs (and something else… who knows!) the result of a year of work in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic period. Only 486 bottles produced.

A Vermouth where the choice was made to maintain a great freshness that could perfectly balance the alcohol content and sugar content.

Excellent for preparing cocktails, but also drunk alone with or without ice.

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