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The Independent Winegrowers “cultivate” research

FIVI4FUTURE is a project launched by the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers which, through a multi-year strategic action plan, focuses on environmental sustainability and the protection of biodiversity.

A program in line with the ten-year Farm to Fork plan, developed by the European Community to guide the transition towards a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system and which provides for a 50% reduction in the use of pesticides in the agricultural sector. by 2030.
The first action is a research project developed by FIVI with the consultancy firm Perleuve of the agronomist Giovanni Bigot and with the University of Udine, which aims to increase the biodiversity of the vineyards through the progressive elimination of synthetic insecticides, the reduction of biological insecticides and monitoring of useful organisms.
The project, lasting 3 years, foresees as a first phase the monitoring of pests and their antagonists in the vineyard. The information collected is then shared through the 4Grapes app by the individual companies and allows you to create a mapping of the organisms present in the vineyard.
In the first few activities, the 82 winemakers who joined, carried out 3,912 surveys on 277 vineyards, controlling a total of 61,657 organisms.
The goal of FIVI4FUTURE is to train the winemakers, so that there is always a greater awareness and awareness of increasingly sustainable practices.

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