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Summer and wine, some tips to enjoy it even during the hottest months

The summer has now arrived, the heat begins to become unbearable and the news say that you have to drink a lot to avoid physical problems. The risk is to be attracted by carbonated drinks full of sugar, or to err on the beer, although refreshing, it’s still alcohol and should be limited. Just better to go to the water, then, and enjoy a meal a glass of wine (good) here are some tips to enjoy it best while avoiding trivial errors.

STORAGE The wine, even when it is bottled, it is a living element and extremely sensitive to some external factors such as light, heat and humidity. It must therefore be kept in a dark, well ventilated, but above the temperature in the room must remain constant (ideally around 12 ° – 14 °). So be careful not to keep it in areas where the sun beats, or near heat sources such as stoves: above 20 ° the alcohol evaporates quickly and the wine “vanishes.”

summer Normally they prefer cold meals, simple or vegetable based; It comes by itself that the choice falls on fresh white wines to drink, maybe slightly acid to stimulate saliva or why not on the bubbles. Very suitable they are also rosé, good balance between acidity, body and alcohol. For those who can not resist a glass of red, however, the advice is to avoid those that are too alcoholic and structured: Lambrusco Mantovano could be a pleasant surprise, a Nebbiolo would be a waste as it gives the best paired with elaborate dishes.

One of the most common errors (and serious) that are committed in the Summer is to serve wine at a low temperature with the illusion of making it more pleasant and refreshing. Mistaken! The operating temperatures are essential in order for a wine to give their best and do not change with the changing seasons: to serve a chilled white will not leave any taste in the mouth; drink a red stop to the refrigerator temperature is a crime because the tannin tarnish everything else.

It has happened to everyone at least once in their life: dinner is now ready, the guests arrived and the wine is not yet up to temperature. Do not panic, there is a solution and it’s pretty simple. Just soak the bottle in a wine coolers filled with water, ice and rock salt: in a few minutes will cool naturally and can be served without worries. I highly do not recommend to use the freezer except for very short periods (15 minutes maximum), you run the risk of altering the balance and expose it to an unwelcome pressure.

Credits: Vinum 26

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