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Strawberry: do you know that…

Benefici delle fragole

The strawberry was born in France and has very ancient origins: the first variety grown dates from the early eighteenth century.

 It belongs to the Rosaceae family and the genus includes about 12 species of which only two grow wild in Italy.

Strawberry prefers temperate zones of the northern hemisphere, the Andes and some islands in the southern hemisphere. Its scientific name is Fragraria and is derived from the Latin word fragrans (fragrant), precisely in virtue intense aroma given off by its fruits, especially those that grow wild in the woods. Flowering may occur in different seasons, depending on the species and varieties.

The strawberry has many health benefits: first of all has a very high antioxidant power that exceeds by 20 times that of other foods and a rich content of vitamin C than citrus fruit; which is why the strawberry is the in the first places in the special list drawn up by the USDA, foods that keep people young. But that’s not all: it is also very rich calcium, iron and magnesium and is recommended to those suffering from rheumatism and colds. It is particularly suitable to combat colesterolo. The salicylic acide contained in them, in addition to being effective against gout, it helps to keep under control the pressure and blood fluidity. The strawberry also has a high phosphorus content and is used for the laxative properties, diuretic and cleansing. The strawberries are also good sources of ellagic acid, which is an effective anti-cancer. It is also refreshing, diuretic, purifying and detoxifying. Finally it contains xylitol, a sweet substance that prevents the formation of dental plaque and kill germs responsible for bad breath. 

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