Earth Products

Fresh fruits and vegetables

“I live my work as a mission. I dream to recreate a close link between people and the earth; bring them back at the countryside to discover the goodness of a strawberry just picked up, the scent of the cherry tree’s flowers or the beauty of our hills, covered with lush vineyards. Only then the people will return to consciousness of what we are eating and they will know the true quality”

(Adriano Moretti)

Our products…

In the fertile sands of Roero, the plants find a great soil to give birth to products of unmistakable taste!

The lands are “treated” with the “guided fight” methodology that concerns the introduction of economic criteria in plant protection management from adversities. In this way, phytosanitary treatments are considerably reduced in order to respect more the environment and people’s health.

Among the main crops of the company we can find:
  • the famous Roero strawberries
  • experimental plants of dwarf cherries
  • apricots, peaches, apples, pears and prunes of different kinds
  • kiwi
  • “Tonda gentile” hazelnut
  • chestnuts of the early variety called “della Madonna”
  • cabbages of all kinds, zucchini, tomatoes…
    …and much, much more!

How to buy…

It’s possible to buy the products directly in the company or request the delivery in Langhe and Roero area.

And if you are a restaurant’s owner…

You have the chance to have fresh fruit and vegetables delivered weekly, directly to your restaurant.



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