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Roero… rocks! Small guide to the most fascinating hills of Piedmont

Certainly not known as the Langhe, it is one of the most beautiful areas of Piedmont.

Define the Roero as one of the hidden beauties of Italy is certainly exaggerated. Although not as famous as the neighboring Langhe, is an area of ​​Piedmont, who for years gathers thousands of tourists from all over Europe who come to enjoy its cuisine and its wines. From 2014 he also entered the list of UNESCO World Heritage assets.

What they do not all know, however, it is that these areas offer some really fascinating landscapes and not always tourists who happen over there for a few days has the fortune to discover them. Because hopefully get a tour of the various wineries, or visit one of the many villages of the nearby but not always known how these hills – perhaps in the autumn on a foggy morning or in the winter after a heavy snowfall – they can turn into something really magical.

In the Roero area there are at least thirty countries. The only larger city is Bra, with its 30,000 inhabitants, the rest are much smaller villages but it is worth visiting them.

We recommend that you take a full week and visit many countries as possible, maybe in October and November when the trees change the leaves and colored with beautiful shades. 
Much information can be found on the site Roeroturismo.it

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