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Ricetta pollo al curry

RECIPE: Chicken flavored with curry cooked with walnuts oil, served with pumpkin and white cabbage cream


1 garlic clove 
1 medium yellow onion 
1 chicken breast 
Curry powder 
Vegetable stock cube ( possibly homemade ! ) 
Walnut oil 
extra virgin olive oil 
Salt and pepper


Boil the chicken breast with vegetable stock cube until cooked . 
Meanwhile fry the onion and garlic, then add the pumpkin, cut into cubes and chopped cabbage. Add water gradually to cook the vegetables, then add salt and pepper. When the vegetables are ready, blend finely everything. Finish with a drizzle of extra virgin oil to complete the dish
Later, when the chicken is ready , cut it into slices and let it stir-fry with walnut oil (do not fry it too much to not ruin the flavor) and curry. Finish with salt and pepper (if you like spicy flavors!).

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