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Open Wineries 2017 – 27th and 28th of May


SATURDAY 27 May from 16.30 to 20.00 (we receive in the morning on request) and SUNDAY 28 May from 10.00 to 20.00

Day program and clothing advice:

– VISIT TO VINEYARDS (to wear shoes and dress suitable for the occasion) Duration of the journey 2 hours (including various stops) Departures Saturday afternoon 16.30 and Sunday 10.30 and 16.30. MEETING POINT: Departures from the company, located in the center of the country.
To accompany you in this path will be Mr. Moretti Giovanni will explain and answer your questions. How a vineyard is born to all evolutionary steps to become wine. It will bring you into the orchards: strawberries, cherries, apricot peas, chestnut hazelnuts and you will discover the “naked and raw” reality of agricultural work.

– VISIT TO THE COMPANY: Come to discover a young company, but with ancient roots. And just to the “past” are inspired by our alternative refinement methods such as underground refining and aging in amphora.
Take us to find out why these curious choices and our winemaking methods.

– VISIT TO THE “CROTIN” SOTTERRANEI, where one time the wine was aged for aging and the temperature is constant day and night, summer and winter. During the war they were used as hiding places. We never forget to remember an important episode of the “Bajaj” family that deserves to be remembered and refers to the grandfather of John and Elio, who saved himself thanks to this “crotin”.

– TASTING OF 2 WINES CHOOSING BY US! We will explain all the work and love that lies behind a simple bottle of wine.

During the two days we will be able to buy our products: wines, sugars and sugars with no fruit juice, pepper sauce, vegan sauce, Piedmont appetizer, acacia and chestnut honey, roasted hazelnuts and hazelnut products, fresh fruit and vegetables Seasonal.

For those who want to taste our products and spend a few hours in our company, I would like to inform you of our program, divided into two options:

1) from 12.30 onwards we will set up a refreshment point at € 10 / cad. : 1 glass of wine, some of our company’s products, cutting, slicing and cheeses with cognà and honey in addition to the program described above. If you decide to buy a bottle of beer at the moment, you pay it at the cellar price, while, if you only want 1 cup, you pay it 3,00.
2) 18 euros: The price includes a meal, 2 wine glasses of choice, fruit, sweet, water and coffee.
Children under 8 years € 5,00 – Children over 8 years € 10,00

WARNING: For large groups and groups, reservation is required

FOR FURTHER INFO write to info@bajaj.it or call + 39 347 8866445 (MIRELLA) o +39 338 8164016 (ADRIANO)

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