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2021 could be the vintage for the RETURN TO NORMALITY…for the WINE TOO!

🤞 It could be a real opportunity according to Wine Intelligence. Of course, for this to happen, 2021 will have to reserve positive surprises for us.

💉 The first half of the year will certainly be in trouble, but then positivity and optimism will return, also assisted by the arrival of the vaccine. For heaven’s sake, it won’t be the panacea for all ills, but surely, we may look at the future with some optimism!

🍷 According to market analysis, despite the difficulties, wine business didn’t “die”. Of course, economic “wounds” will need time to heal, as will consumer propensity to spend.

🍾 The “must” of the past year are confirmed:

✔️ to CURIOSITY towards SUSTAINABILITY (both for wine and for its packaging => bag in box).
✔️ to the ABSNECE OF INTERMEDIATION. Never as in this pandemic have consumers turned directly to the producer to buy and get information directly from those who produce it. And this is unlikely to change after Covid.
✔️ at the “take-off” of WINE SELTZER, already a “must” in the USA. These are low alcoholic beverages made from white wine, seltzer water and natural flavors.

😅 Well come on, maybe, this latest fashion, we leave it to the Americans. What are you saying?

😜 The important thing is look at the future with a big smile!

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