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Please, during the wine courses, teach people to have fun…

Please, you that in the various associations organize wine tasting courses to teach the tasting, include in your program also an evening in the pizzeria, a trip with sandwiches and pork, a spaghettata of midnight, stuff of the kind, and in those occasions let him drink wine without cards and without formalism, without rotating goblets and without organoleptic evaluations.

Have your students return for a while to the pure pleasure of drinking in company with the fun of drinking. Because otherwise the situation is sad.

I look at this situation sadly in the sense that I realize that several people take the wine a bit too seriously, focusing on – I would say to formalize – always and in any case on the technical aspects. I mean arguments like service temperatures, clever stapling, bottle storage, tannic structures and aromatic profiles, things like that. All right things, which is good to know and also practice if you choose the profession of the sommelieria, and therefore you are well to teach them. But you can not run the risk of losing sight of the joy of wine, its conviviality, its everlasting invitation to sharing, its being a companion of fraternal food and chatter. If this dimension is lost, then the wine is likely to be caught in the fences of specialists, the adepts of a kind of mystical ritual. Less and less people drink wine, and even drinkers drink less and less. Is not the reason for the decline to be sought in the fact that we who write and teach you have given the wine a almost-sacred aura that drives people rather than attracting them?

Wine is joy, often we forget it.

From “Internet Gourmet” – article of Angelo Peretti

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