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Summer and wine, some tips to enjoy it even during the hottest months

The summer has now arrived, the heat begins to become unbearable and the news say that you have to drink a lot to avoid physical problems.

Asparagi NewsRecipes

Asparagus? Yes, please!

Le giustificazioni del vino Insights

Wine Justifications


The selling of ROERO ARNEIS is increasing


How to drink natural wines without feeling “cool”

The search for the rotten side in good and beautiful things, has always fascinated me.
So, I decided to look too dark Sides of natural wines in the world What I love so much and I try to Knowing What timidly.


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Bajaj comes to your home! – expeditions in ITALY and FOREIGN COUNTRIES!


OPENING NEW WINE-TASTING ROOM! Sunday the 2nd of October from 16.00 to 19.00


RECIPE : ” Delight of mascarpone cream with orange, dark chocolate ganache cream with berries caramelised with Birbet (Brachetto)


LANGHE FAVORITA: a vine destinated to disappear?

Do you know the autochthonous vine Langhe Favorita?
It is a vine belonging to the family of the “Vermentino”, come in Piedmont through the streets of oil and salt from the nearby Liguria.


Time of Change – Interview with Adriano Moretti

With the young entrepreneur Adriano Moretti, we went to the discovery of the farm Bajaj, one of the most productive realities rooted in the Cuneo area.

Roero DOCG Bajaj News

Bottled our first ROERO D.O.C.G.

7 buoni motivi per fidanzarsi con un vignaiolo Insights

7 good reasons for getting engaged with a winegrower

The best man with whom he accompanied for long stretches of existence is definitely the winemaker. Every woman of common sense should boast one in your resume.


Roero… rocks! Small guide to the most fascinating hills of Piedmont

Certainly not known as the Langhe, The Roero is one of the most beautiful areas of Piedmont.