People / Staff

Born in 1959 in Monteu Roero in “Occhetti” , he started to work when he was just a child. At 25 years old he becames the holder of the farm, revolutioning the production methodologies.
He understood that the real richness of the Roero area is the biodiversity.
Therefore he diversified the productions of the company as much as possible. This way, in certain vintages, if some production was not very profitable, the others will help to maintain a positive economical balance.

Giovanni’s younger brother, has always supported his elder brother in his ideas and projects.
In the company he does everything, but he really loves all the works concerning wine and vineyards.

Giovanni’s son, this young boy has needed a long time to find out his way, passing through other jobs as waiter, bar tender, model and politician.
After findig his own “paradise” not far from home, he has started to work hard into the family company with passion and love.
Wine taster ONAV and Sommelier, he really loves the world of wine.
In the company he deals with the management of the cellar, the welcome of the visitors and everything about social marketing and promotion.

Giovanni’s wife, she has always worked outside of the family company.
Years of expercience as a commercial manager, make her to be a precious resource, expert in communication and customer assistance..
Now retired, she helps her relatives.
From the welcome for the customers, to the labeling of the products and the delivery of fruits and vegetables.