About us

BAJAJ – “Biodiversity Keepers”

We are not only farmers.

We are also true keepers of the biodiversity of the amazing Roero area.

What does it mean? It means that we “keep” about 20 hectares of lands with every kind of growing, both fruits and vegetables and wine . This cohabitation between different types of growings, allows our environment to be very balanced ; a true “heaven on earth” both for animals and for the people living here!

“At the age of 11, my father put me on a tractor and he said me “Drive it!”. At that time, we were one of the few families in the village, with a vehicle like that.
That year, working with my tractor also into other farms, I was able to economically support my family.”

Giovanni Moretti

Today “the boss” is Adriano Moretti that, together with his father Giovanni and his uncle Elio, continues to guide a company that, every year, aims to improve and renew itself.

Even if they know how important is the tradition, the company is strongly directed towards the innovation and experimentation in agriculture and oenology sphere.

“We work everyday , knowing very well what is our vision:  the “Earth” it’s not a inheritance from our fathers, but a loan to be repaid to our sons.” (ancient Amerindian proverb)


Adriano Moretti


The word “Bajaj” derives from the piedmontese dialect “bajé” that means “yawning” , “dozing”.
The use of name “Bajaj” comes from the tradition diffused in the area, of giving “nicknames” to the families to be distinguished.
In this case, the elders of the village tell that the Lenoris family (maternal family of Giovanni) was called like this because it was composed by quiet people, working hard, but also singing and doing party if necessary!
Also the origin of the family is curious: Giovanni and Elio’s grandparents were two orphans. Their provenance is still a mistery…

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