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7 buoni motivi per fidanzarsi con un vignaiolo

7 good reasons for getting engaged with a winegrower

I have always supported the thesis for which timing is everything in life, it is regional champion deferred; but if my friend had come on holiday with me this year, I would have said that the best man with whom he accompanied for long stretches of existence is definitely the winemaker. Every woman of common sense should boast one in your resume.

1. The vigneron observes, does not escape a detail of the vineyard and recognizes all its lives, let alone can not perceive every little bending mood of a woman.

2. The winemaker is patient, has an immeasurable patience. It is the patience of waiting for the right time to harvest, therefore, a winemaker will never put you in a hurry and will respect your time, if you know who you are and who you have history.

3. Do not underestimate the practical sense that allows him not to lose heart in front of the hailstorm of August.

4. The winemaker is robust, and if you make it too tragic facing an unexpected unwelcome puts you instead resolutely showing the way forward, the plan B, without getting upset over what the situation requires.

5. It is stubborn, and will do anything to defend what he loves; if a woman falls in its plans of happiness, do not be grieved to realize his plan, dusting off a tenacity to which we are unaccustomed, and this consideration saddens me a bit ‘so better to divert attention by focusing on what the work to ‘outdoors make certain broad shoulders and hands safe.

6. The winemaker has the generous hands; maybe it can be of few words, but it is certainly of great gestures.

7. Often resembles the wines it produces.

In short, if I had a friend in the existential crisis would send in the vineyard in a gallop, that to stay with a wine producer is not only the risk of being happy. If then to repay the suggestion I spend a few bowl . . .

Article by Sara Barosi, Intravino

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